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d Flow Gates

TURNSTILES US introduces a new vision for access control gates – one with continuous flows and normally open doors

dFlow is FREE FLOW, ushering new levels of comfort and security.

Instead of obstructing users,

Users are instead welcomed with a fully open passageway and a distinctive system of visual identification.

In the event access is not granted, the gate doors will close in proportion to the proximity and speed of the non-authorized user.

All this thanks to a revolutionary imaging system, which monitors the entire gate instead of a limited number of specific sectors.

Although it seems that dFlow is always open, it actually does have doors.

These are activated only when one or more unauthorized users, including tailgaters and piggy backers, try to pass through the gate.

The closing mechanism is fast and accurate.

A modern imaging system feeds data to sophisticated algorithms that control the acceleration

and position of the barriers based on the location, speed and direction of movement of unauthorized users

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